Sunday, April 26, 2009

Bands unite to save Doghouse

Bands from across Dundee are uniting to try to save a music venue which gives up-and-coming artists the chance to showcase their talents.

The Doghouse in Brown Street was closed down last month after the licensee fell behind in paying rates to the council.

The 350-capacity club has been credited with nurturing the talents of groups such as The View and The Law.

A gig featuring several local artists is due to take place to try to raise money to reopen the venue.

Sarah Hill, who ran the Doghouse, said: "We actually created a [music] scene in Dundee, before that it was all down to bands going in, playing for free and doing other people's songs.

"No-one was really giving any avenue to the young bands with the talent who were sitting in their garages or bedrooms.

"The Doghouse is almost like a community centre for the young kids who are in bands and we wanted to keep that there."

If the money can be raised to pay off the debts owed to the council, Ms Hill hopes to have the Doghouse reopened by mid-May.

She said: "With the Doghouse not there it's going to leave a massive gap and the bands are going to struggle because once they get in our venue we help them get to other venues in Scotland and outwith.

"Young bands would sorely miss out with the Doghouse not being there giving them that support and trying to encourage that and keep the local scene alive."

The Levee Breakers will be headlining the fundraising gig at the Whitehall Theatre.

Lead guitarist John Curran said: "The Doghouse has been a sorely missed venue here in Dundee.

"It has been at the core of the whole Dundee music scene for years now and has given so many bands the chance to perform.

"I just hope now in these difficult times they can reopen and be a sustainable business as well as a venue with soul.", 25th April 2009


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