Sunday, April 19, 2009

Kyle at The Gaslight

Kyle Falconer, Kieran Leonard, Drew McConnell and Joe McAdam filmed at the Gaslight at the Hideaway, London on 12th April 2009.

Dreams (Fleetwood Mac cover)

Killamangiro (Babyshambles Cover)

Live Forever (Oasis Cover)

Kieran Leonard hosts and perfoms his weekly residency at the Hideaway Bar in Archway, London. Expect a night of folk and blues and refurbished 60s paranoia. 8pm-1am, every Sunday.

Past events have seen support performances from Drew McConnell, Kyle Falconer, Carl BarĂ¢t, Joe McAdam, Matt Park, Anto Dust, King Dog, Leaflitter, Anthony Love, and New Rhodes amongst others.

listen to some of Kieran's tunes at


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