Friday, November 21, 2008

Middlesbrough Review

Despite it being a Sunday night, the Teesside crowd were certainly up for it. After all, it’s not every week you see a band who have been nominated for a Mercury Music Prize and have a No 1 album to their name playing the Cornerhouse.

Most of the crowd had jostled into position in time for support act HOLY GHOST REVIVAL.

The energetic performance from the Americans built up the anticipation for the Scots who bounded on stage and launched straight into action with what they simply referred to as “a new song”.

They immediately showed the kind of swagger and messiness which has come to be associated with them as they whizzed through their set, stopping briefly to interact with the audience.

The gig showcased six songs from their forthcoming album Which Bitch, which all received mixed reactions from the crowd.

It was the selection of songs from 2007 album Hats Off To The Buskers, though, which really got the crowd going.

After renditions of Wasted Little DJs, Skag Trendy and The Don, the band provoked a mass singalong with Face For The Radio.

Their final two songs, Same Jeans and Superstar Tradesman, really sent the crowd into a frenzy and by failing to reappear for an encore, the band went out on a high, leaving the crowd wanting more and hoping that Middlesbrough can continue to attract bands of this calibre.

By Chris Hole, Evening Gazette, 21st November 2008


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