Saturday, November 15, 2008

The View at Barfly

SCOTTISH indie quartet The View may have made their name as The Libertines reborn, partying with Pete Doherty and getting on the wrong side of the law, but these rebels without a cause are quickly marking themselves out for their energy, brilliance and some mighty fine songs.

Four alarmingly young (average age: 20) friends from the Dryburgh area of Dundee, The View are Kyle Falconer (vocals / guitar), Pete Reilly (guitar), Keiren Webster (vocals / bass) & Steve Morrison (drums), formed from the ashes of an old covers band they created at school, playing everything from Squeeze to The Sex Pistols.

After deciding that their ambitions stretched further than hawking Up The Junction around the pubs and clubs of Dundee, they began writing and rehearsing their own songs in the backroom of their local, The Bayview Bar (hence the band's name).

When the band were thrown out of there they decamped to nearby venue The Doghouse, where they began living a Monkees-style existence sleeping, eating and rehearsing in one room. The songs slowly began to take shape.

They were brought to 1965 Records by James Endeacott, the man who signed The Libertines. They spent last summer recording their debut album, Hats Off to the Buskers, on a farm outside Scarborough with Oasis and The Verve producer Owen Morris, where their eyes were quickly opened to the excesses of rock n' roll.

After they'd got the strippers, champagne and stimulants out of the way, debut single Wasted Little DJs, reached number 15 and latest offering Same Jeans got to number three.

Their popularity has been quietly snowballing, with Bobby Gillespie recently declaring the lads his new favourite band after they'd supported Primal Scream on a handful of recent dates, and they won the Best Track award for Wasted Little DJs at the 2007 NME Awards.

“I feel like it’s just meant to happen for us right now,” says Peter. It seems he’s not wrong.

The View play Barfly on Tuesday.



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