Wednesday, November 19, 2008

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Well today is the first day back after our well deserved 3 day break which I literally spent in bed with the damn cold, always happens. So were playing Middlesbrough today and we all have to get to Newcastle for the bus to pick us up. So obviously being The View its not going to be as simple as just getting there. Im the first to get into Newcastle station followed shortly by Keiren, Mo, Reni, & swagman Steve as soon as we meet up we get informed that Pete, Kyle & Andy (our profesional man out front) are running slightly late as Peter has slept in. This said it turns out to be a good thing as we head over to get some food and discover the football is getting screened. Eventually we all assemble and set off only 2 hours late, which for us is not to shabby, a new personal best im thinking.

So we arrive at the venue get all the usual stuff done before forcing the lads into soundchecking for our peace of mind. After that we all head off some going to the pub and others for food, Im with the latter and head off for some Nando’s.

Showtime comes round and the venue is packed out with fans all chanting their hearts out quite happily, 3 songs in and there going mental for Wasted little DJ’s and

I just catch out the corner of my eye a familiar crowd surfer, its Connor the lead singer from The Holy ghost revival. The set goes off enormously with Coming down, One off pretender & Skag trendy getting a very large thumbs up from the crowd. This gig reminded me of View gigs from the past due to the absolute madness of the crowd even at one point the crowd safety barrier gave way, luckily no one was hurt.

Well another gig down everyone head’s to the bar for a small sherry to end another hectic day.

Well on waking up today I come round to find half an empty bus. As our arrival into Leeds coincided with the chucking out time of a nearby club, so the lads got randomly get invited to a house party at 4am, some of the stories I hear back are very entertaining. So I fall out the bus only to be met with Ash, the best promoter I’ve had the pleasure of working with as not only did I get given Sudafed for my lingering cold but was taken into the venue and told I could get whatever food I wanted for mega cheap & just generally being treated like a King. So thank you very much. So today already getting off to a great start, the rest of the bus fast asleep the always happy and eager crew do all the setup and the rest of the prep work for the show, I just wish that today I had brought a crash helmet as the ceiling and lights are really low. So today is going to be pretty sore one for me.

So on with the day and were all in good spirit as an old friend pops down to see us for the soundcheck, which doesn’t happen due to the fact there still all passed out on the bus. As the gig approaches the usual pre show traditions the lads enjoy the watching the support and are out mingling in the crowd.

The Faversham is rammed out with a great buzz in the room, the crowd letting you know where you are with the chant of YORKSHIRE!!!!. The room erupts when the guys play 5 rebeccas. The whole set was spurred on by the crowd as everyone in the room was right up for it and the whole crowd had there singing voices in fine tune for Face for the radio and Superstar Tradesman. After the gig everyone heads out to the aftershow at Oporto, really good night had by all and its always to see the good people of Leeds.

After tomorrows show in Oxford the band head down to London for the recording of the Shock Horror video - should be a blast!

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