Friday, November 14, 2008

On Tour - Stoke, Norwich & Sheffield


Hello all, well today were in lovely Stoke on Trent. Its a good atmosphere round the bus as Kyle's up and at em early with an early morning shopping trip to a the collectibles shop up the road. He returns with what looks like a set of really small gnomes, turns out its a Snow white & the 7 dwarfs collectibles set. He also gets a kick ass pair of red Doc Martin's which in turns causes a small debate as too if there Red or as our Swagman Steve says "Oxblood", can someone explain the difference. Also Kieren is sitting down the front of the bus swearing at this little printer that he's compiling a photo album with, seems pretty frustrated with it so i leave him to it.

So the rest of the crew assemble, sorry scrape themselves together and we go and do the ever enjoyable load in & setup.
Round about 5pm we shout the band for the sound check but as per usual they've scarpered leaving the crew to do all the work, no surprise there then.

As far as the gig went it was really good, the main factor in this that the crowd were great, really mad up for it. So the lads are over the moon about this and we can all head for our day off with a good vibe.

Also we were given some presents today from the Tour Manager Ian. He got everyone on the bus a Mr Man Book of who we resemble, Pete got Mr Good, Reni got Mr Daydream, Kieren got Mr Grumpy (only in the morning mate), Kyle got Mr Messy & I got the most appropriate, Mr Bump, apparently im Clumsy & Awkward!!!!.

Day off: London
Another day off for all of us again. Majority of us head to London to spend our well earned day off, whilst Reni, Kieren decided to stay north for the day off to see friends.

Good day off for Me & Swagman Steve we hit the streets of London pretty late on and decide to take in a west end show, yes very cultured for The View tour. Well almost we went to see Monty Pythons "Spamalot".


Well what is it with leaving London. We were all on the bus bright eyed and bushy tailed except for...... you guessed it Kyle. After 10 Min's cursing him for not showing up were informed he's had to be taken to the doctor, this wasn't looking too good. An hour and a half later he returns looking a bit grumpy only to tell us that he's got tonsillitis and has been given antibiotics, this doesn't sound to good now. We all sit down to see what were gonna do but Kyle is sure he can soldier on through it. Well we get to Norwich late and get ready for the show. Twisted wheel our lovely support band are there already there and seem to be in good form. Then we get onto our show, well its never easy saying this but it wasn't the best of gigs. I don't think Kyle knew what he was letting himself in for singing with his voice under a load of stress. In saying this the rest of the lad's rally round and sing up with Mo & Reni doing some great backing vocals.
A singing Drummer eh, He'll be dancing next. Oh and also to say hello to the the 2 stage invaders Josie & Georgina.


Well we arrive into Sheffield over night and wake up to a rain soaked Steel City. Seeing this from the window of my bunk there's nothing more than i wanna do is pull the covers over my head and hide. Again the crew fall out of bed coughing and spluttering as we go due to the the violent epidemic of Manflu that's going round the bus. We head off leaving the boys to catch up on well needed beauty sleep.

4 o'clock comes and to my Amazement all the boys are there wanting to sound check, it lasts 2 songs before there off stage. 2 songs is better than nothing. As the gig approaches there's a sudden realisation that its Twisted Wheel's last night on the tour so we all pile through to give them a good send off, yet again the play a superb set.

Its The View up now and as per usual with a Yorkshire crowd there chanting away, the boys are well up for it and go out and put on a great show with the crowd warming to the new songs especially Shock Horror being my standout song of the set. Kyle's voice tonight was miles better than last night but still not 100% but if tonight was anything to go by he'll be alright.

Davie Dial Up x


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