Friday, November 14, 2008

On Tour - Carlisle & Glasgow


Today we're in the lovely city of Carlisle, famous for being next to Scotland. On pouring myself out of my bunk I realise that I get to go home to my own bed this very evening. Now with a smug grin I drag myself through the bus avoiding the piles of discarded socks and someones Kebab from last night, well hopefully it was last nights eww!!!. On stepping into the back lounge of our bus all I can hear is a vast amount of snoring, so I look in and to my surprise I see Johnny, lead singer of Twisted Wheel passed out at one side of the lounge and Kyle at the other. Obviously he didn't want to get off tour either now that he'd been Kyle-napped. (it's happened before).

So yet again the hardest working touring crew of modern time go about what they do best and before you know it we have the stage ready for the lads to get sound checked. To their credit and for the second day in a row the boys get a sound check only this time to be cut short by the presence of a gigantic crash mat. In no time at all we have Crazy Mo somersaulting off the stage on to it. Not to be outdone the rest of the boys get involved and it turns into part gym class, part stuntman training as Kyle climbs the speaker stacks which are a good 12ft high and leaps off.

Tonight we have a new support band called The Holy Ghost Revival, these guys are label mates with The View so it'll good to see them after hearing so much about them. They take to stage and do not disappoint with a high energy set with some stage diving included. The View are up next but with a guest for the first song, Johnny & Kyle get up to do a little ditty that they perform on their Ukulele.

The gig goes off with the crowd going mad for Wasted little Dj's and new song One Off Pretender going down really well. The gig was great but it was sadly let down by the morons that thought it would be good idea to start throwing coins at the guys, one of which hit Pete. It's never a good thing.

Kyle adds a song at the end finishing the set himself by playing a cover of The Beatles 'I Just Seen A Face'.

It was then back to the dressing room for a drink or three. It was one of the best stocked fridges of the tour so far, so thank you Brickyard.


Its only a short hop up to Glasgow from Carlisle, so this meaning that I get to return to my adopted hometown of Paisley for a lovely night sleep in my own bed, the first time in over a month.

So the next day I turn up to King Tuts to find the everyone already up and in the venue and for the first time in i don't know how long, queueing to shower. So it's soon time for us to do the inevitable load in which today is relatively painless as we have some of the best local crew in Britain to help us with our heavy lifting. So were done in no time at all, but as we're in Glasgow there no sign of the Lads for a sound check as they've all ran out to see some of there friends & family that have came down for tonight's show.

It's been a pretty chilled build up to the show tonight with a few of us heading down to the bar in Tuts for some pre gig food and a quick drink to pass the time. We find Kieren is downstairs with a few mates, chatting to some fans and posing for photographs.

Before we know it's gig time and the crowd are chanting "The View are on fire". Tonight's gig has kicked off with Glass smash from the new album, the crowd singalong for 5 Rebbecca's, with that I seen the grins along the bands faces at the response from the crowd is obviously making them feel right at home. By the time Kieren steps to centre the fans are going wild for Skag Trendy with about 6 crowd surfers streaming over the stage barrier. Needless to say tonight's show was not disappointing and as pointed out by the lads that Glasgow is the best city for playing gig's but cheekily added only after Dundee. I obviously disagree, but I'm just a tad biased. For me the stand out songs of the set were new single Shock Horror (out January I think) and last song of the evening Superstar Tradesman.

Well the next time we're in Glasgow is for the Barrowland which I'm sure there is going to be some good surprises, so if your lucky enough to have tickets, your in for a treat.

We all have 3 days off now so time for some well earned rest. See you all soon.

Davey Dial Up


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