Sunday, April 19, 2009

Munich gig review

THE VIEW, Zenith Avenue, Munich

FACING a crowd of 6,000 German fans - here for tonight's headliners Mando Diao - Tayside's favourite indie tearaways have their work cut out.

But they rise to the challenge with a supercharged set that's as sharp and to the point as any they've played in their short career.

"Nobody here will be able to understand our accents," grins bassist Kieren Webster, clearly forgetting that, even back home in Scotland, most folk outside of Dundee's Dryburgh struggle to comprehend them.

Tonight, however, the music speaks for itself as the band romp through the highlights of new album Which Bitch?

Shock Horror sounds stunning, Pete Reilly's guitar ringing out across the entire arena while Stevie Morrison hammers out that galloping drumbeat. And old favourites like Wasted Little DJs and Superstar Tradesman are drilled out with impeccable tightness.

Shorn of the ramshackle, art-of-falling-apart performances that they've sometimes been prone to over here - partly the result of having a crowd of mates messing around at the side of the stage, partly the consequence of too much vodka and Red Bull - songs like Same Jeans and Skag Trendy have new life breathed into them.

Swedish rockers Diao (think early Oasis but with a string of Euro No1s) are clearly impressed, inviting the four-piece for a backstage bevvy.

But on this form, they should be worried that The View have got their chart-conquering ways in their sights.

By Joe Miller, News Of The World, 19th April 2009


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