Friday, February 27, 2009

Piece of cake for View

Performing is a piece of cake for Dundee’s favourite chart-toppers The View, who played a sell-out gig last night at the Caird Hall.

The popular foursome were presented with a cake to mark the success of their new record Which Bitch, sitting at number four in the album charts.

They received the gift from long-time friend of the band Doreen Culley, who used her seven years’ experience of cake-making to create an edible work of art.

The tasty offering, made as a sugary replica of the album cover in vinyl, features band member figurines topped with their trademark wild hair.

Doreen met the boys through Steven Morrison, the drummer, who she has known since he was 13. She wanted to give them something to commemorate their musical success.

“The plan was to get it to London for the launch date, but I wasn’t comfortable with it going down there with a courier,” she said.

“I wanted to hand it over personally as a lot of work went into that cake—about 10 hours in total.

“I knew that this was going to be a big deal, so there was the added pressure of getting this one right, even more pressure than making wedding cakes!”

Doreen, now running her own cake-making business called Strathview Designs, added that this was the biggest challenge in her culinary career so far.

“This was the most difficult cake I’ve ever made because it is special—it is a present from me to Steven and the boys as a reward for their achievements.

“They have worked so hard,” she said.

By The Courier, 14th February 2009


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