Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Paolo changes point of view!

PAOLO Nutini’s latest album is still a few weeks off, but eager fans shouldn’t worry – he’s been MOONLIGHTING!

The Paisley singer/songwriter helped out pal Kyle Falconer of The View by appearing on their new album.

The Dundonian group’s second LP Which Bitch? was released on Monday, February 2, and includes the beautiful song Covers which Paolo Nutini duets with View front man Kyle.

Paolo was recording in the same town in Wales as The View at the time and Kyle asked him over to the studio one night to lay down the track.

Wild child Kyle said: “It’s a song about being selfish in the middle of the night when I can’t get to sleep and I’ll pull the covers off my girlfriend to get a conversation.

“But it’s also about someone trying to tell me what to do about the relationship and it’s me saying that I don’t want his opinion.

“We recorded it in a simple way and then Paulo happened to be next door in the studio so I just said: ‘D’you want a shot at singing on it?’

“It was already finished, there was no intentions of anybody else singing on it. So he just did a couple of my verses and they sounded good together.”

And The View’s madcap frontman denied reports he’d “forced” the Buddie to take part!

“Is it true we kidnapped him? No, he willingly got kidnapped!

“I was thinking about him when I wrote it – I like his kind of music and the way he sings.

“It was just weird it actually happened. It was a funny night. It was probably oneof the funniest nights in the studio.”

Paolo fans anxious to hear their hero sing don’t have to wait much longer – if they triumph in the latest super giveaway from the Paisley Daily Express.

We’ve got four copies of the album to hand out to lucky readers.

All they have to do is answer the simple question in the coupon and send your entry to Paolo Nutini/The View competition, FAO Andy Newport, 14 New Street, Paisley, PA1 1YA before Tuesday, March 3.

By Andrew Newport, Paisley Daily Express, 24th February 2009


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