Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Bristol review

The View, Anson Rooms, Bristol 21st February 2009

Sound: The mix wasnt great, lead guitarist sometimes struggled to be heard. Singer Kyle Falconer was impressive, not hitting all notes he does on the records but carried all the songs perfectly. They were playing Gibson guitars, an es-335 for rythmn and a lp junior dc for lead, and a Rickenbacker bass. // 7

Perfomance: The performance was amazing, the atmosphere was surely the best you can get at a gig in Bristol (one of the worst places in the UK for gigs). The audience began a moshpit from the second row onwards about a 1/3 way through the set,luckily me and my mate were clinging to the barrier and werent dragged in, lest our skinny teenage bodies be crushed. They played a mixture of songs from both of their albums, cant remember exact order but i remember them playing: Glass Smash, 5Rebbeccas, Wasted Little Dj's, The Don,One Off Pretender,Skag Trendy, Temptaion Dice,Face For The Radio, Realisation, Comin Down,Typical Time 2, Wasteland, Give Back The Sun, Same Jeans, Superstar Tradesman, and Finished with a riotous Shock Horror. During 'Face For The Radio' (a full acoustic song), the mosh pit completely ceased and everyone stood belting back the words at the band, then as 'Realisation' began they all threw themselves back into the fray, I found that amusing. // 10

Impression: UK, Bristol 21st Feb 2009, in the anson rooms at the student union, basically just a rectangular room with mixing desk and stage. There were three support acts, two were pretty ineffectual, but Backhanded Compliments were amazing, they could have been brothers, looking quite similar. I would recommend them to fans of harder alternative e.g QOTSA as they sounded like a heavier ballsier Arctic Monkeys. I loved the way everyone got into it as i have been to a few dull gigs in Bristol, and also the amazing bargain price of £13 to see the best British band of the moment, really worth the money. Unforgettable moments were people crowd surfing left right and centre, security guards working their big man tits off. And hilariously a fat drunk took his shirt off and started shoving my mate from behind which i found hilarious, beer was thrown everywhere, hitting singer Kyle (and his amps) at times. Next time they are in the Bristol/Cardiff area i will defo go see them although i can expect to pay probably double what i did this time round. // 9

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