Saturday, January 31, 2009

Which Bitch? Review

Rated 4/5

HAVING landed to the full fanfare of hyperbolic overload, The View’s debut was a disappointment with its slavish adherence to The Libertines’ School of Shambolic Song Structure. Which makes Which Bitch? a fully-fledged stop-what-you’re-doing-and-listen pleasure.

From rompy stomp teen anthems like Jimmy’s Crazy Conspiracy and the ace single 5Rebbeccas, it darts and scurries up scores of musical rabbit holes. Distant Doubloon is a ramshackle pirate anthem, Typical Time 2 is laced with pub piano, Temptation Dice has guitars big enough to go in search of a stadium to fill and Paolo Nutini duets on the sweet and dour romantic sojourn, Covers.

It all ends with the super tender Gem Of A Bird and no answer to the big question: What the hell was that?

By Nick Churchill,, 31st January 2009


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