Saturday, January 31, 2009

The View aim for America

Kyle Falconer of The View said he hopes his once-denied visa will be accepted so he can travel to America.

The View frontman, whose visa was thrown out by US authorities for a previous charge for cocaine possession, said he desperately wants to take his music to the States.

"At the time, I didn't care but then the week after when the American tour was cancelled I was gutted," Kyle said: "But management have high hopes we'll be accepted this time. If we don't, we'll just keep on trying again and again and again. We played there about two years ago and I loved it."

The foursome that makes up The View - Kyle Falconer (vocals/guitar), Pete Reilly (guitar), Kieren Webster (vocals/bass) and Steve Morrison (drums) - are about to release their second album Which B***h? after again working with producer Owen Morris.

Dundee-born Kyle, 21, said about the collaboration: "The record company weren't that sure; they get a little freaked out when we're all together because it costs a lot of money. But we wanted him on the record again so we just had to tell them how it was."

The View's debut album Hats Off To The Buskers was nominated for the 2007 Mercury Prize but Kyle said he tries not to think about opinions on the new album.

He said: "I think this album is much better, but obviously I don't know what reception it will get. Once it's in the shop I'm not that bothered, and I'll be excited about the tour. We've done all we can do.

The View release their album Which B***h? and the single Shock Horror on February 2.

By This Is Lincolnshire, 30th January 2009


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