Friday, January 30, 2009

The View & The Yakuzu

WILD rockers THE VIEW have found some unlikely fans - in the Japanese Mafia.

The famous Yakuzu crime lords have been sending the Scottish group - frontman KYLE FALCONER, bassist and vocalist KIEREN WEBSTER, guitarist PETE REILLY and drummer STEVEN MORRISON - gifts in the post.

The band's Dundee accent is so strong I could have done with subtitles during the interview.

So why the crime group would find them so endearing is baffling - especially since they were banned from Japan after Kyle was convicted of cocaine possession in 2007.

Mop-haired Kyle said: "We're blacklisted but the Japanese Mafia keep sending us presents.

"It's mainly clothes but it's actually cool high-quality stuff.

"I got a Fred Perry T-shirt and Kieren got a nice belt."

Kieren added: "The fans also like to feed us up.

"When we were last there they kept on giving us little packages that looked like pick 'n' mix.

"It looked really nice but it was actually fish. Eugh."

The band were chatting to The Sun ahead of the release of their fantastic new album Which Bitch?, out on Monday.

It's more expansive than their No.1 selling debut - a factor Kyle puts down to their new-found maturity.

Kyle said: "We're all in our twenties now. I do feel we've calmed down a bit since the first album. We still have our heavy nights but maybe not as many.

"I did feel a bit stupid after we had to cancel our gig last year because I was too drunk. It got me into a lot of trouble but we've re-done the concert now. It's all good.

"My singing and the lyrics are better too."

In One Off Pretender Kyle and Kieren recall a dark night where they were arrested and chucked in a cell.

Kyle said: "There was f*** all we could do. We were on the bus after playing a DJ gig and all my mates were fighting, so I was trying to sort it out.

"The coppers came along, and, because I was standing up they put us in the back of a fan, cuffs behind our back and locked us up."

Kieren added: "One Off Pretender is one of my favourite tracks off the album.

"People always remember us for Same Jeans which is fine. It will p*ss me off if people are still talking about it after this album though."

Kyle continued: "Yeah we've moved on since then. It's great playing our old stuff because people know it but I think there is lots of variety on this album so if people don't like one song they hopefully will like another one."

Which Bitch? also features a fantastic collaboration with fellow Scot PAOLO NUTINI on the track Covers.

He continued: "Paolo is a legend and it was great to work with him.

"There is a lot of camaraderie between the Scottish acts. I go and watch their gigs and they come to ours.

"The Scottish fans are always particularly rowdy too.

"It's nice playing back home and we hope to do T In The Park this year."

The band also commented on the success of fellow Scot and football manager SIR ALEX FERGUSON.

Pete - a keen footie fan - said: "He's a legend. The Scottish scare the s*** out of people."

Kieren added: "It's the accent. It sounds like you're attacking people every time you speak.

"It's not particularly friendly."

Click on the video links on the right to watch two exclusive videos of the band performing on tour.

Another clip shows the controversial band picking magic mushrooms in a DVD documentary which accompanies LP Which Bitch.

The band's new single Shock Horror and the album Which Bitch? is out on Monday.

By Beci Wood, The Sun, 30th January 2009


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