Friday, January 30, 2009

Looking up for The View

THE same genius that saw singles such as Wasted Little DJs and Superstar Tradesman eyeing up the charts a couple of years ago is back with a new album.

However it seems that Dundee rockers The View have matured a little with their latest album, Which Bitch? - unsurprising, considering that there are things under my sofa older than they are.

They still have singles a go-go such as the supurb Shock Horror and although some of their new-found creativity misses the mark - such as the rapping on One Off Pretender - most of the album has an insidious quality to it that means Which Bitch? stands up strong to repeat listens.


By Isaac Ashe, Sound Advice, 30th January 2009


Blogger Isaac Ashe said...

What a great review. Whoever wrote this should get some sort of award.

9:25 am  

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