Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Shock Horror by Dan & Julian

The View and Dan Henshaw and Julian Fletcher have enjoyed a fruitful relationship. Ever since the band burst kicking and screaming out of Dundee a couple of years ago, Dan and Julian have taken care of their visual needs – that’s every video from their platinum-selling debut Hats Off To The Buskers (when Dan and Julian were better known as core directors of collective Indica).

That campaign culminated in a tour documentary – which is also the basis for the recent video for the band’s 5 Rebeccas.

So here’s their latest collaboration, for new single Shock Horror: a good-looking and suspenseful performance video, with an undercurrent of impending violence.

Including the odd bit of piñata-torture.

The View
Shock Horror (1965 Records)
Prod co: PTE
Director: Dan & Julian
Producer: Simon Poon Tip
DoP: Denzil Amour Brown
Art Director: Sam Tidman
Hair & makeup: Lisa Grimwade
Stylist: Susan Hildebrandt
Editor: Claudia Wass
Online: The Mill
Commissioner: Dan Millar
Watch: Quicktime movie

by David Knight, Promo News, 10th December 2008


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