Wednesday, December 10, 2008

On Tour - Leicester & York

Leicester Charlotte
Well today we are rudely awoke by the stomping feet of a certain lead guitarist that in fairness has also been woken up 2 hours into his deep sleep. The reason for this Kyle & Pete have to go and perform Shock Horror for MTV Gonzo. So after the promise of a Bacon roll & cup of tea, they head off the bus leaving the rest of us to enjoy our well needed beauty sleep as we head for Leicester.

Fully rested we arrive a few hours later at the Leicester Charlotte, our venue for today.

What can be said about the Charlotte, apart from AAAAARRRRGGGHHH. Its commonly refered to as the worst gig in the country as nothing in the place works properly or at all. In saying this it gave the Kieren great incentive to come down and start

Winding up his beloved crew by saying " Ah haha you lot are going to have a nightmare tonight", not realising if his crew have a 'nightmare' he will too. So after Chris pointed out the error of his last statement he skulked off to the dressing room.

Today Leicester could quite possibly be the coldest place on earth, all of us as we leave the venue to go for dinner. We see a small group of dedicated fans queing up outside for the gig, we all agree that they must be barking mad to be out in this cold, however there dedication is well appreciated by the band as they sign some autograph's & pose for pictures with them.

As gig time comes round the Charlotte is packed out and as the Holy Ghost finish there set the crowd seem really up for it. Not to long and the band take to stage and the venue has turned into a complete sweatbox. Not to be put off the band start the set with Glass smash and as I mentioned before the charlotte is renownd for there prehistoric equiptment that's never been fixed. So half way through the first song I see a look of panic on Mo's face as about three of the mic stand's just crumple leaving him and the audience to hear pretty much nothing. It is soon remedied and the set continues.

My highlight of the gig was Superstar Tradesman as the crowd nearly deafened me as they sang it back.

York Duchess
Yesterday was a day off, I headed to London to see a dear friend and the boys had a well earned rest at the hotel.

It's the first time for most of us at the Duchess so were interested to get in and see what its like (were a right nosey bunch). The place seems pretty nice but is right next to York's legendary venue Fibbers. We are done early for soundcheck and decide to head out for a look round York. We split up into little groups with Kyle, Reni, Andy & myself all deciding to take a quick look in the city's most haunted Pub. We don't see any spirits but Kyle & Reni Partake in a few. Soon after Kieren comes to join us, then the more responsible amongst us head off for some dinner.

Tonight is gonna be a sad occasion as it's the last night we have the brilliant Holy Ghost Revival on tour with us, we all watch from the side as they whip the crowd into a frenzy.

As they finish the audience start to let you know where you are as we hear the familiar cry "YORKSHIRE, YORKSHIRE, YORKSHIRE". So not long into the set major issues arise as there is power problems on stage, causing Pete's amp and backup amp to blow, leaving him not happy at all and me looking foolish (whats new there then). Its sorted soon after thanks to the me practically nicking Holy Ghost's amp literally from underneath them. Soon after Kyle invites Conner from Holy ghost up on stage for there special rendition of David Bowies Ziggy Stardust. (see video's below)

Tonight was one of those gig's that just seemed to be hard for the guys to get into, as this venue wasn't the best for the audience to participate as one fan said "it was like watching a gig through a letterbox, as the ceiling is to low and you won't see anything if your not right at barrier". I do agree and just wonder if this would have been more enjoyable if we were all next door at Fibbers.

Davey Dial Up x


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