Saturday, December 06, 2008

Camping out with a view to a gig

Dundee nine-year-old Graham Tarbet was so desperate for tickets to The View’s concert at the Caird Hall on February 13, he persuaded his father, also Graham, they should camp out in City Square last night to be first in today’s box office queue.

The pair, from Douglas, pitched a tent last night at 8.30 and finally got their tickets just after 9.00 this morning.
Graham Sen. said the outdoor stay was his son’s idea, as he was desperate to make sure he had tickets for the Dundee band’s gig.

He said, “It was absolutely freezing. My son is the only reason I camped out — he’s a big fan. He was excited for a wee while, but then I think the cold set-in.

“But I’m sure it will all be worth it.”

Although no other fans camped out, a queue of almost 50 formed from 7.00 this morning and, by 10.30, standing area tickets had sold out and a only a limited number of seated tickets were available.

A happy John Hill of Ardler with his tickets and above, part of the box office queue.

By Jenna Cairney, Evening Telegraph, 6th December 2008


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