Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Kyle Breaks Fan's Nose

THE View have revealed they accidentally broke a fan's nose during a gig.

The Dundee upstarts have almost finished their recent tour of the UK, with more than a few mishaps along the way.

It's now been admitted that Kyle Falconer's crowd surfing antics during the concert at Glasgow's Barrowland led to a boy's nose being smashed.

The band's sound engineer Davey Dial Up confessed the incident happened after Kyle decided to dive into the audience and mingle with his fans at the end of the sold-out gig.

He said: "After the last song, Kyle launched himself from the stage into the crowd and the other three quickly follow him in. Security eventually pulled Kyle back to safety, half naked and shoeless.

"We later found out Kyle broke a guy's nose on his crash landing into the pit."

The band were obviously concerned about the mishap, so decided to offer the fan some VIP treatment to help make up for the damage.

Davey added: "The management tracked the guy down and Kyle organised to get him a pass and invited him backstage for a beer."

A member of the View's management said: "Kyle stage dived at the end of the gig and unfortunately landed on some lad in the audience.

"He obviously felt bad and they invited him backstage for a pint or two by way of apology. There's not really much to say beyond that except there was no malice involved and the band were very eager to make up for the accident."

The crowd surfing moment was captured on camera and will be released on DVD at some point next year.

The boys also revealed they warmed up for their Glasgow gig with a game of football in the main hall of the Barrowland.

The dramatic nose-break is just the latest in a string of stunts that the View boys encountered on the tour.

At the same gig, bass player Kieran Webster lost his microphone after launching it into the crowd and had to share a mic with Kyle.

Last month, the band were stopped in their tracks by the police for causing too much noise on the set of new video for song Shock Horror.

Neighbours also called in police over their raucous antics and late night music sessions at Kieran's flat in Dundee's Hawkhill.

The boys also caused a near riot on another leg of their 37-date tour, when Kyle got so drunk, he fell about on stage in Nottingham and had to be replaced on vocals by Kieran and Law singer Stuart Purvey.

Last year, Kyle was fined £1000 after admitting possessing cocaine and the band were banned from all 300 Travelodges in the UK after allegedly causing damage.

Are you the boy who got his nose smashed at the gig? If so call the Razz on 0141 309 3344.

By Beverley Lyons and Laura Sutherland, 16th December 2008


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