Thursday, December 11, 2008

On Tour - Aberdeen & Glasgow


Well its up to the Granite City today for some unexpected sunshine, which is a nice surprise. I think today is the first time in while that the band have seen some natural light. I also know they are well aware our good mates The Law are back supporting us for the rest of the tour, so that’s going to mean some more late nights.

Its straight into work and manage to get the band in for a short but sweet sound check so we can be sure we don’t have a repeat performance of last night’s technical problems. So this all done the band head out to town for an early dinner, and a look around. While I stay at the venue to get on with the oh so exciting task of fixing the broken amps.

Tonight its good to see the Law back on support and they don’t disappoint, they have the whole Lemon Tree singing along to Television Satellite & pretty much every other song in there set. They say the further North you head up our lovely country the audience gets that bit more mental, this I can see in full effect tonight as the venue is packed out. Its quite funny seeing people on their friends shoulders in such a small venue. The lads bounce onto stage with almost a point to prove. I know Kieren is especially looking forward to debuting “One off Pretender” as this is the city that gave him reason to write the song.

By the end of the set the audience looked absolutely exhausted and happy with what they’ve just seen, as well the band are looking very pleased with themselves. Tonight One off Pretender has the loudest cheer without a question as it gave them chance to give there version of events and there opinion of the perpetrators.

Glasgow Barrowlands

Today is the gig that we’ve all been looking forward to as it’s the Barras.
Its special to me as this is where I got involved in the music industry 9 years ago, so I get to see my friends & family (my big brother works here). Even the band are up and about early again today. There in inspecting the stage just as soon as I had all the equipment out the boxes, each of them ready with five questions each that they all fire in quick succession. I think they plan it, I think they call it “the stress davey out game”.

It’s a long day for the boys. Photo shoots; approving the final version of New Video Shock Horror & tonight’s show is getting recorded. In saying this it keeps them out of our hair till Soundcheck. Which today they seem more than eager to get making noise. With all of them turning up on time.

So once soundcheck is over I don’t know where it came from but someone got hold of a football and we manage to get in a massive game of football in the main hall of the Barrowlands. When I say a game of football, I mean a rabble moving around the hall kicking, swearing and on occasion a yelp of pain as someone falls to the floor. It's like watching Rangers play!

So after today’s P.E. lesson they all head back to the dressing room for a well earned refreshment and back up to watch the rest of the Law’s & the Brogues soundcheck till the doors open.

Its not long till the view are gonna be taking to the stage for there second headline show at The Barras, the place looks almost swollen. Its really cool looking out from the stage seeing the place packed out front to back & from side to side.
The crowd tonight are a bit wild as full pint glasses fly past my head and what seems to be a small scale riot taking place. Soon the guys leap onto stage and burst into Glass Smash as the crowd jump around like mad. As everyone gets there breath back I look onto stage and just see the guys with massive grins on there faces, I think they know its gonna be a good one. I think Shock Horror got a really good reception, which is good as not a lot of people have heard its not been really had any radio play. Also seeing the entire crowd sing back Face For The Radio is something special. Gran's for Tea was played for the first time on tour also.

After last song Kyle launches himself from the stage into the crowd below and the other three quickly follow him in. Security eventually pull Kyle back to safety, half naked and shoeless with whatever clothing he had left ripped to shreds.

All this was captured on camera as the show was recorded for a DVD release at some point next year so keep 'em peeled for that coming out - is was truly an awesome show.

We later find out Kyle broke some guys nose on his crash landing into the pit. The management track the guy down and Kyle organises him a pass and invites him backstage for a beer.

All over now and onto the serious business of celebrating a gig. Well done the boys. We then head off to the Barfly to watch the Law boys play the aftershow also they are informed there is a free bar for band & crew. This is where it shows that im getting old as I head home for a cup of tea & a good night sleep, Rock & Roll eh!!.

Davey Dial Up x


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