Thursday, December 04, 2008

Twisted Wheel on tour with The View

It's been a mad couple of weeks for The Wheel. Since the release of Lucy the Castle on the 10th of November Jonny, Rick and Adam have been jumping from city to city and even country to country, showcasing their music in Amsterdam and Sweden as well as across the UK.

Touring with The View, Jonny found himself in the centre of a 24 hour party – exactly where he likes to be. After raucous gigs across the UK, Jonny decided against returning home to Oldham, choosing to stay on with Kyle and the rest of the View for a few more days' fun in Stoke, Glasgow and Carlisle. 'Kyle-napped' by The View's lead-singer in Stoke, Jonny spent the day exploring what the city had to offer.

Stopping at a music shop to mess around Jonny and Kyle soon came out with a ukulele each. Trying out their new instruments in pubs and bars across the city, the boys encountered a frosty reception from some boring landlords who couldn't stand their (beautiful) noise. After two days of jamming Jonny and Kyle put their ukulele skills to the test in Carlisle when they covered Lucy the Castle before The View's set.

After little break from his antics with The View, Jonny met back up with Rick and Adam, where they made their way to Sweden and then on to Amsterdam, where the band spent the day taking full advantage of sampling the cities delicacies. The gig at the Paradiso was the bands best gig abroad to date, the crowd enjoying every second of The Wheel's punk enthused stompers and dancing themselves silly in the heat.

The reaction to Lucy the Castle has been brilliant. Thanks to everyone who has bought it and everyone at the Cooler in Bristol who was havin it!


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