Sunday, November 09, 2008

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On Tour at Milton Keynes & Colchester

Milton Keynes

We wake up outside the Woughton Centre in Milton Keynes next morning. One of the weirdest places we've been to yet. It's not really the kind of place you'd expect to see a rock band play. It's a leisure centre with loads of kids running around doing gymnastics, playing football and swimming - we got a few funny looks that day walking around in the leisure centre in our leather jackets and jeans

The band spent most of the day in bed and we tried to wake them up for soundcheck but no one moves so we just have to make do with a line-check.

The show kicks off fine but after a few songs Pete starts to feel really ill and is sick behind one of the monitors, so has to take a break for a few minutes. One of the sound tech boys takes his place for 'Face For The Radio' and Pete comes back looking much, much better and manages to complete the rest of the setlist.

Afterwards we all head back to the bus - it's the quietest night I can remember on The View tour bus with most falling straight asleep.

Davie Dial Up x


We get to Colchester around midday and head out for a wander just checking out some of the shops and a couple of the pubs where we meet up with Mr McPhail and his friend who have come along to see the gig.

We load in at the The Arts Centre about 4pm. The venue looks great. It's a converted church with a kind of gothic look. The stage itself is really long width wise and quite short from back to front so we need to set up the gear a bit differently.

Again the boys don't turn up for soundcheck. I can see this becoming the norm now for them.

The boys have a fine gig and the crowd are wild tonight with a few crowd surfers, although the security at the front aren't too chuffed with them.

We have a few drinks for an hour or so backstage then head back to the bus for some more...

Davie Dial Up x

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