Friday, November 28, 2008

On Tour - London Astoria

London Astoria

This was always going to be a stressful day but was made all the worse that when collecting the bands gear we discovered it was all covered in powder paint from yesterdays video shoot, so the first couple of hours of my day was wasted cleaning up that mess.

Got to Astoria about 2pm and Kyle, Reni and Mo have already arrived looking as fresh as I've seen them all tour. Kerien and Pete arrive soon after.

A fair few press arrive to do interviews with the boys keeping them busy and out of my hair for a couple of hours so I can get set up without all their daft questions!

Once set up and souncheck complete we all get together for a band and crew slap up meal. The band are quiet and look nervous, probably as it's the biggest show of the tour with a 2000+ sell out crowd to entertain.

Showtime and Holy Ghost get the crowd warmed up nicely with even their tour manager getting onstage and adding some vocals at one point before launching himself into the audience much to the delight and hilarity of everyone around.

10 minutes before The View were due to come on, the crowd were already belting out the famous chant of "The View Are On Fire" which the boys could hear from back stage ensuring that they are raring to go. It was the biggest crowd Reni had played to but he was looking surprisingly cool and calm. The boys enter the stage to huge cheers from the baying crowd. First song Glass Smash was adored by the audience with loads of crowd surfers. This was by far the best show of the tour with the crowd jumping, dancing and singing wildly to each song, even the new ones. The last three songs of Shock Horror, Same Jeans and Superstar Tradesman sent everyone wild, into scenes I've rarely seen anywhere.

The band were obviously hyper when coming off with Hi-Fives all round.

They along with friends and some record label staff including James Endeacott then all went to 12 Bar to party until the early hours and myself and Chris were left with the glamourous task of loading out.

Davey Dial Up x


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