Thursday, November 27, 2008

Liverpool & Oxford Tour Blog

Firstly, I apologise for not updating the blog sooner but my laptop screen was shattered during one of the tour bus parties so I've had to borrow the tour mangers to do these.

Liverpool Barfly

We arrive at the home of The Beatles - a favourite band of all the boys but more so Kyle. He is first up and around and does his usual thing of going round the famous Beatles sites spending a fair few quid on lots of memorabilia and toys.

Pete sat in the tour bus in his boxer feeling sorry for himself as he was nursing a nasty hangover and had just found out he had to get himself ready to head through to Manchester for a radio session. For the first time ever Kyle is first ready and raring to go. Webby is rough as hell and isn't going to make it so just stays in bed leaving Mo, Pete and Kyle to head through to do the session.

The crew just do the usual setting up and finish early enough for a quick pint before the band arrive back from Manchester.

Barfly fills up early giving Holy Ghost Revival a good crowd to play to and getting a good response from them.

Scouse crowds are always good and this lot were no different. The crowd were bouncing even before The View came on stage with pints flying all over the place. First song to the last was really well received by the crowd with 5 Bex and Wasted Little DJ's getting the best receptions. At one point Andy the sound tech had the volume up so loud it caused the PA to blast and switch itself of but it didn't cause too much distruption and order was restored soon enough. The show continued with Shock Horror which is fast becoming the new favourite amongst fans.

Afterwards we all headed round to Heebie Jeebies until the wee small hours.

Davey Dial Up x

Oxford Zodiac

I wake up early morning with the bus already parked up in Oxford. It's a nice day so I decide to take in a few of the sites and do a bit of shopping. Unbelievably I bump into a certain lead singer who is also already up and around doing the same thing as myself. We take a wander down by the river looking at the boats and do the normal thing of walking round a graveyard seeing how old the dead people were. We then check out the shops spending a few bucks of our hard earned cash.

I get back to load in the gear and the boys all go for a well needed shower at the Zodiac which is great venue with great facilities. The Zodiac was created by members of Radiohead & Massive Attack a good few years ago but I think is now in new hands.

The band dont have too much to drink today - I think they may be starting to tire a little now.

Tonight's crowd is a mix of young and old but all thoroughly well up for it and enjoying the occasion. The best tunes of the evening were Face For The Radio for the mass sing-along and Temptation Dice which the crowd really take to.

Afterwards it was a quick drink and straight back on the bus to London. This was much to the disappointment of all but especially to one member of the crew (a cyber pint for anyone who can guess who the horny beast is) as we discover that the nightclub next door was voted No.1 easiest in Britain to get pull some hot posh totty by FHM.

Oxford may be seeing more of this crew in the very near future.

Next day is the video shoot for 'Shock Horror'

Mr Dial Up x


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