Thursday, November 27, 2008

Oasis Inspire The View

THE View used Oasis album Definitely Maybe for their inspiration while recording new material.

The Same Jeans hit-makers made their latest album with Owen Morris, who has famously produced for The Verve, Ash and The Paddingtons among others.

And he played the Oasis classic to the Dundee upstarts to remind them of the high standards they need to achieve to make sure they repeat their early success.

The four-piece made pop history when they became the first Scottish act to go straight to No.1 with debut Hats Off to the Buskers in 2007.

And the rockers are hoping to make it a double when they release their follow-up Which Bitch in January.

Kyle said: "We had a copy of Definitely Maybe in the studio and Owen would line it up for comparison.

"He threatened to sack the guy who was mastering it because he couldn't get it seven per cent louder."

But extra volume was the least of The View's concerns while laying down tracks in Welsh studioMonnow Valley.

The band had to contend with midnight river rafts and thrones made from speakers.

In his quest to take musicians - frontman Kyle Falconer, guitarist Pete Reilly, bassist Kieren Webster and drummer Steven Morrison - back to the top spot, Owen brought in crazy measures in his quest for perfection.

Paying tribute to the band's chosen album title, Owen superglued a witch's hat to his head for six days during the recording process.

The producer, who worked on Oasis hit albums Definitely Maybe, (What's the Story) Morning Glory? (1995) and Be Here Now, eventually removed the plastic hat with scissors.

Owen also has custom-made thrones made for singers Kyle and Kieren to sit on while singing their new tracks.

The band avoided a latenight dip when Owen lashed together a raft for the boys to venture down river on, before it came to a sticky end.

The rockers survived though and guitarist Pete told NME: "I'm an only child and, to me, the experience of being together with these people, this family, is worth more than the music."

The View are currently at the tail end of a mammoth 37-date UK tour and fans have been lucky enough to hear new tracks such as One-Off Pretender, 5 Rebbeccas, Glass Smash and Shock Horror.

Kieren said: "We put a lot more thought into the music. It's much more melodic.

"This time, we only had a couple of tracks completed and did a lot morewriting in the studio. It was a new experience for us and we came out with a few absolute crackers."

By Beverley Lyons & Laura Sutherland, Daily Record, 27th November 2008


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