Saturday, November 08, 2008

On Tour in Gloucester & Portsmouth


When arriving in Gloucester we meet up with the Twisted Wheel crew and invite them all into the tour bus. We spend much of the day drinking beers, playing XBOX and watching films.

We load into the venue about 3pm. The venue itself was a small village hall - should make for a good atmosphere when full.

Once we're done setting up we get hold of the two bands and head to an old pub round the corner called the 'New Inn' - the oldest pub in Gloucester and we all have a fair few scoops in there until show time.

The gig goes well and the crowd are well up for it singing all the Hats Off songs word for word.

Afterwards there's a crowded party afterwards in the dressing room with loads of members of the audience invited in and everyone has a really great time.


We had a day off in London yesterday, chilling out during the day then went to a leaving party for a woman that was leaving the record label at night. We met up with McPhail when we arrived there. He was looking fresh - obviously a few days away from the madness of being on tour with The View had done him good.

Next day we plan on leaving early for Portsmouth but as often happened in the past we lose Kyle. We track him down after many phone calls around all his favourite haunts around the city. When we finally get hold of Kyle we get him on the bus and hit the road for Portsmouth about 5 hours behind schedule. We just have time to do a quick line-check before Twisted Wheel come on stage. They have one of their best nights with us and by the time The View come on stage the place is bouncing and the audience seem to love the new stuff, in particular 'Shock Horror' and 'One Off Pretender'.

No time for an after show tonight and It's straight back on the bus and off to Milton Keynes.

Pete, Kyle and Mo stay up all night parting while the rest of us get a good nights kip.

Davie Dial Up x

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