Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Paolo Nutini speaks about new recording

...PAOLO may also appear on Dundee band The View's second album. The two acts were recording at the same Rockfield studios in Monmouth Valley, Wales when the late night/early morning session developed.

But The View's Kyle Falconer claimed in NME that Paolo was "scared" when he took charge, saying: "We kidnapped him and made him sing. I've never seen someone look so scared. I was shouting at him, telling him what to do." (See blog note below)

Paolo admitted he's puzzled at Kyle's comments and reckons if the song is to see the light of day they'll need to record it again - hardly the actions of a man running scared.

He said: "Kyle came to the studio, listened to my new songs and seemed to be buzzing off them.

"Half the time I don't know if it's true, or whether he's said something while in an altered state and can't remember it in the morning.

"I remember doing the song, but we didn't know the words, it was four in the morning when we recorded it and it was a bit hazy."

Before a rematch, Paolo will be back in Scotland for more live dates...

  • Full article here

  • By Rick Fulton, Daily Record, July 30th 2008

    BLOG NOTE: Kyle has asked for it to be cleared up that he never at any point said Paolo was "scared" or that he was "kidnapped" and that all stories from the NME & tabloids quoting on him saying this were completely false. JB


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