Saturday, July 12, 2008

Mo & Kieren at T In The Park

...The sight of Kieren Webster and Steve Morrison of The View dancing about wildly in the crowd showed how much they also enjoyed their good pals’ show.

Afterwards Luva Anna lead singer Dave Webster and guitarist and fellow vocalist Drew Gray were both elated despite admitting to the worst nerves they had ever experienced.

“It was really nerve- racking, but what a feeling, it was a great buzz to walk on the stage and hear the crowd all chanting, it was brilliant,” Drew said.

“The crowd was the best part,” Dave said.

“Hearing them singing your name is a fantastic feeling, that’s never really happened before. It feels like a step-up for us.”

Steve Morrison was delighted for his good friends’ success.

“They were excellent, the crowd was really into them and the vibe was great.”...
  • Full story here

  • The Courier, 12th July 2008


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