Thursday, July 10, 2008

Funding to help new local bands

The Dundee recording studio where The View recorded their first demo CD has received official recognition of the part it plays in helping young musicians gain a foothold in the industry.

The Hastie Retreat in Arbroath Road has joined forces with the Scottish Arts Council to offer more young musicians the chance to take their careers to the next stage.

The Scottish Arts Council’s Youth Music Initiative has provided funding to five professional recording studios around the country, including the Hastie Retreat, to enable emerging local bands aged 14-25 to record a high-quality demo.

Nine bands have so far been chosen by local panels, including Forget Yesterday, from Dalgety Bay, and Gems McAdam, from St Andrews.

Fit to Fly, from St Michael’s in Fife, are currently working alongside Hastie Retreat studio engineer and owner, Dundee musician Bill (Willie) Hastie.

“This is a fantastically important scheme for younger bands because recording a demo can be an expensive business,” he said.

“There are lots of very talented young bands out there and getting a demo recorded is absolutely essential if you want to progress.

“The View recorded their first demo here and that’s a great example of why it’s such an important thing to do. They went on to hand their demos out to various venues and management people and look at where they are now.”

Two more bands have still to be chosen to take part in the project and Bill will be talent spotting at local gigs in the coming weeks.

Other projects in development to help young musicians include a scheme to provide free rehearsal spaces and support for the expansion of Glasgow venue King Tut’s Your Sound initiative, which offers young bands the opportunity to play in support of touring acts.

Donald McDonald, Youth Music Manager at the Scottish Arts Council said, “The YMI strongly believes in the importance of nurturing musical interest at grassroots level to ensure budding musicians making music in their bedrooms, youth clubs and garages across Scotland have the opportunity to fulfil their potential.”

Evening Telegraph, 10th July 2008


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