Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Talking Shop: The View

The View started as a covers band in Dundee's pubs and clubs

Scottish rock band The View have already scored three top 20 hits and have just released their debut album, Hats Off to the Buskers.

Their latest single, Same Jeans, has reached number three in the UK chart.

The youthful foursome from Dundee have drawn comparisons with the Arctic Monkeys, while they consider Oasis to be one of their biggest musical influences.

Lead guitarist Peter Reilly talks about tasting musical success, the prospect of landing awards - and why they were really barred from their local pub.

How does it feel to have released your debut album?

It's great. It seems ages since we recorded it. I'm really looking forward to hearing what people think of it.

Sum your music up in a short sentence.

Really energetic, raw, chaotic in parts.

Comparisons are being made to the Arctic Monkeys, what is your reaction to that?

It's just laziness because we're young. We've had similar lives and both write about real life, but our music is totally different. It's great to be that successful, but sometimes bands who shoot up as quickly are then gone. It's been quick for us as well, but we've been building it up.

Some reviews have compared you to Oasis and you've been working with Definitely Maybe producer Owen Morris. What's your opinion of the legendary band?

We grew up listening to Oasis and are massive fans. I think we've got the same spirit as Oasis - we've known each other since we were five and have stayed on the same council estate in Dundee. We looked at them and thought if they can do it, we can do it - they're just ordinary guys like us.

Would you like to be among the Brit awards nominations next year?

To be honest with you, I think the Brits are a bit mainstream. But to be appreciated and put up for a nomination would be amazing. The NME awards are good - they're really up-to-date. I think we'll be more involved in awards ceremonies next year.

What are your long-term musical ambitions?

I'd like to support Oasis - that's next on the hit list. Hopefully we'll keep making albums and playing gigs. We're in it for the long run - all of us are great music lovers and hopefully we'll have a career that'll last. We've just signed record deals in the US and Japan.

Is it true that you were banned from the local pub where you were rehearsing for riding a motorbike along the bar?

It's been blown up out of proportion a bit. It wasn't a motorbike, it was one of those micro-scooters. The main reason we got chucked out was because some barrels were left in the function room downstairs and we kept drinking the beer.

The View's Peter Reilly was in conversation with BBC News entertainment reporter Michael Osborn.


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