Monday, January 22, 2007

Sunday Mail Album Review

Rated 4/5

This debut album from the cheeky Dundee lads has been eagerly awaited. And it lives up to the hype. They've got a hit on their hands. With 14 tracks, this is a scuzzy, energetic buzz bursting with life and confidence. And life in Dundee shines through in the same vein that life in Sheffield appears on song via the Arctic Monkeys. Anthems Superstar Trademan and Wasted Little DJs sit beside Grans For Tea and the greatly titled Skag Trendy. Same Jeans talks about wearing the same pair of jeans for four days. There's a distinct Libertines sound going on throughout but the excellent Face For The Radio stands out as a slower, reflective acoustic number and shows they can mix it up a bit. This song deserves to be a single. Hats off to the View - for they are on fire.

by Avril Cadden, Sunday Mail 21/1/07

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