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Track by track description of the album from Webby in this weeks Sunday Mail today

DUNDEE rockers The View - singer Kyle Falconer, guitarist Peter Reilly, bassist Kieren Webster and drummer Steven Morrison - release brilliant debut CD Hats Off To The Buskers tomorrow. Kieren gave Email an exclusive run-down of the album featuring hit singles Superstar Tradesman and Same Jeans.

Comin' Down

It's the only song which started as an electric guitar riff. We usually write on acoustic guitar and are led by a lyric but loved the vibe of this track and it was a perfect opener. It's the first song we play at our gigs. We wanted Hats Off... to be like a live set you're listening to in your bedroom. So it fits the bill.

Superstar Tradesman

One of my favourite songs I've written. At 17, I was an apprentice joiner and wanted to give it up to form a band. I got heavy pressure from my family to finishmy apprenticeship. Now they love the song and don't realise the impact what they were saying had three years down the line.

Same Jeans

It's about me going AWOL at a party for four days while still wearing the same clothes. There's no hidden meaning behind the lyrics. Itwas just what was on my mind. The line "You'd be amazed at what you can achieve in a year" really sums up all the amazing things we've done in the last 12 months.

Don't Tell Me

I've got to watch what I say here because Kyle wrote this track. It's a true story about what happened after his 18th birthday party. He ended up face down in the mud and woke up in some old woman's bed and had to walk home with no shoes. We all wound him up saying: "You should've seen what you got up to last night".

Skag Trendy

It's a composite character with an addiction who tries to come clean to his mum. She shuns him and he goes from bad to worse. The moral is, if someone has a problem - whether drugs, drink, porn or gambling - you should still help.

The Don

It's about a guy called Marco who is one of our best mates from Dryburgh. He's Italian, that's why we call himThe Don. But he's the nicest, shyest guy in the world. He was on the dole but still signed up to give Oxfam a fiver a week. When he couldn't afford it the bank charged him £400 in back payments. That's what he got for trying to be so nice.

Face For The Radio

Inspired by another mate from Dryburgh called Clarkie. One day he said to Kyle's brother: "You've got a good face for radio". Kyle went home and wrote a song about him. I think he's secretly chuffed he sparked off the track.

Wasted Little DJ's

It's about a couple of mad Dundee girls - one is my girlfriend - who do a bit of DJ-ing at our gigs. They said to Kyle they'd give him free haircuts if he wrote a song about them. It's a great feelgood song to play.

Gran's For Tea

I wrote it after I'd fallen out with Dundee for a wee while. I was moving to Glasgow then realised I wouldn't be able to go to my Gran Mary's house for my tea. She loves the song.

Dance Into The Night

It's based on a one-night romance which ends up with you feeling awkward the next morning. The NME keep slating it but I think it's one of the best.


This is one of Kyle's oldest songs. He wrote it before the group was called The View. It's about a girl but he tells everyone it's about his sister's dog, Claudia. I think he secretly fancies the girl.


In 2003, I got attacked in the street. A guy jumped off a motorbike and stabbed me. I ended up in hospital with cuts in my head. It shook me up for ages so I wrote a song about it.


It's about where we come from - Dryburgh. It is saying that everybody thinks the place is a wasteland but we love it. We've travelled the world but I still find it hard to meet people as real as the people there.

Typical Time

It was recorded at Teapot Studios near Dundee in the very first take. It's only about one minute long and Kyle does everything on it. It's a great way to finish the album.

Sunday Mail 21/1/07

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