Monday, January 22, 2007

The View have an album out; generate press by smashing stuff up

Scottish scallywags The View - recently seen scoffing pick 'n' mix at Edgware Road Woolworths, unless that was four other scruffy-looking kids shooting us nasty looks - have been banned from ever staying at a Travelodge hotel.

The why is simple: they've an album out this week, could do with a little press, so they wrecked a hotel room. To the tune of a £7,000 bill, apparently. Which leads us to ask: what the hell did they do to run up that expensive a bill at a Travelodge? Have you seen these hotels? Did they torch four floors or something*? The View are on fire! Almost literally?

Says a man from Travelodge (someone who works there, rather than an Alan Partridge-style guest): "The View are banned from every Travelodge in the country. We don't care who they are, they acted offensively and were anti-social to other residents. They are not welcome back."

Actually, that why is a bit of a fib, as this damage was caused back in November, long before the release of Hats Off To The Buskers. But, y'know, it makes for a timely story now, and offers websites like this one the opportunity to remind its readers that the band's album - we just mentioned it - is out today. It's well brill!

Probably. Or not. I dunno, I haven't heard it. Gotta be better than The Twang though, innit. Have you heard that horseshit? Someone's head at IPC had better roll after the positive coverage they've wrongly received...

Drowned in Sound, 22/1/07


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