Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Checking Out The View

UK Music meet Dundee quartet The View in a Birmingham pub close to the venue where they’re due to play that night alongside 747s and Aussie rockers Jet. They’re all here present and correct, if a tired.

The View are named after The Bayview Bar, their local where they used to rehearse before being banned. Their debut single, Wasted Little DJs, was released back in August which crashed into the charts at number 15 and they haven’t looked back since.

“It’s exciting that it’s happened so fast, but it’ll probably go away as quick as it came,” reckons guitarist Pete Reilly.

Also consisting of guitarist/vocalist Kyle Falconer, bassist Kieren Webster and drummer Steve Morrison, the View were signed by former Rough Trade A & R man James Endeacott, who had also previously snapped up The Libertines. They also had a bit of a helping hand from former Libertine and Babyshambles frontman Pete Doherty.

“I gave him a CD in Dundee and he must have thought it was a good one and he let us play that night in Dundee. He gets a bit of a hard time in the press,” explains Kieren who also sticks up for the troubled rocker. “He never even gets written about that much as far as his music is concerned. When they review the singles they only write a couple of sentences and then the rest is about Kate Moss”.

There has been a distinct lack of bands, so surely they’re now heroes in their home town.

“I wouldn’t say ‘heroes’, but we’re a popular band,” says Kieren. “We’re definitely flying the flag for rock ‘n’ roll bands Dundee bands anyway. There’s been a couple of like pop bands, but no rock bands”.

They may have not been around for long but already the View have gained notoriety in the press for their various escapades one of which includes Steve nearly getting arrested with Pete Doherty in Birmingham for driving the wrong way down a one way street. No doubt their live gigs will become just as notorious.

“The Chatham gig was really quite mad,” recalls Kieren. “We ended up getting mates who were supporting us that night to come up and finish all the songs for us while we went crowd surfing”.

The filming of the video for their latest single Superstar Tradesman was certainly no quiet affair. Not when it as filmed in Kyle’s backyard in the Dryburgh area of Dundee. Something of a celebration, the video shoot packed with locals as extras.

“Most of the fans that came were friends and family. I couldn’t even go up my own stairs could I?” Kyle tells us. “There were security guards there saying ‘don’t go in there, don’t go up the stairs’, it was like ‘no, no, no we’re filming upstairs!’ But it was good, we’re happy with the outcome”.

But are they really the cheeky scamps they’ve been portrayed as?

"We’re quite excitable youngsters compared to other bands we know and stuff,” says Kieren. “We’d get a bit worried if that was all people cared about, like that’s the reason they come to see us. We are genuinely well behaved compared to most other bands”.

Their debut album, the name of which they won’t divulge just yet, is due for release in January. It was recorded with Owen Morris who has also produced albums by Oasis and the Verve and described as a “great guy. He is a nutter, but in a good way”.

“We wanted it like a live set. The album sounds like what the live set sounds like,” starts Kieren.

“The set up helped. It wasn’t like we were in separate rooms doing different things,” adds Pete. “We could all see each other and we all made eye contact”.

“We didn’t even use headphones, we used big speakers. People use their headphones but I didn’t have that restriction” chips in Kyle.

Thanks to the hype that’s surrounding them there will obviously be a huge anticipation, not to mention expectation for their debut album.

”It’s done now and we really like it. You can interpret it however you want to interpret it,” says Kieren. “You’ll get some arseholes who’ll say it sounds like Libertines or whatever… If you’ve got a guitar and a drum kit it’s gonna sound like a lot of the other bands”.

There’s much to look forward to in the View camp. As well as their headline tour at the end of the year, there’s also a support slot with Primal Scream. Having played gigged with the British rock legends before, how do the young upstarts rate their chances of being out to out party the masters?

“I don’t think so…” considers Steve.

“We’ll give it a good go though!” grins Pete.

Words: Helen Duong, UK Music


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