Monday, October 30, 2006

Barnsley Lucorum Review

Hey, hey, Artex Monkey is the host for tonight so things are going to get off to a great start. To be honest when I heard that bands were to play at the Lucorum I had doubts about the sound quality, there’s a whole lot of glass for sounds to bounce off, but to be honest it’s quite a good sound.

Last Gang kick off with an enthusiastic set, I can’t see much from my present spot but I’ve seen this band quite a few times and I know they’ll be putting on a great front. They sound great and from the crowd’s noise Last Gang are not disappointing.

People are chanting for The View and I feel for The Law who are about to grace the stage with their presence. Last Gang’s performance is going to take some following but The Law attempt the challenge. There is no denying that this band is exceptional but personally I’m not convinced. I manage a quick shuffle but their sound is incognito with something I’ve heard before and can’t quite place. I have no doubt that The Law will be hitting our ears again in the future.

First things first, if Zane Lowe sucks up to The View much more I am sure he’ll be nominating himself to bend over a take one on behalf of Radio One, but the man is onto something. The View are probably the best thing to come out of Scotland since Trainspotting!

Before the band get on stage chants of ‘The View, The View, The View is on fire’ are coming from the pack of animals known as a typical Barnsley crowd. There’s a few whispers that the band are refusing to get on stage because of the amount of beer being lobbed about, personally I think this is a bit of built-up hype. These guys have probably played in front of far worse crowds around the UK. The chants are a Barnsley welcome, if the town folk don’t like you, they wouldn’t even waste their energy!

The View rips into a phenomenal set and the crowd goes wild. So wild that the security staff has to form a barrier themselves – which looks strangely perverted. The View one song in and already the tour manager is on stage demanding people don’t try to get on stage and don’t dance towards it. Erm….this is a gig right? This isn’t the city hall for Christ’s sake! The tour manager visit’s the stage a few times for ‘a word with the crowd’. All the time it becomes a game of Good Cop, Bad Cop. The View are obviously getting frustrated with their guy and begin to take pity on the Barnsley 'mad for it' crowd.

This band have been referred to as a Scottish Libertines, I smell shit and it comes from one mighty male cow. The View have an uncontrollable knack of performing tracks that are worthy of these feet stomping. The whirls of catchy riffs and appealing air of superlative music leaves this reviewer spiralling in senses overload and ridiculously orgasmic bliss.

There’s a Rickenbacker bass on stage providing that The View have style if nothing else. Can’t wait to see them supporting Primal Scream at Nottingham Rock City in November. What a great end to one long tour.

Words: Bonds
Images: Mark Tighe,


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