Monday, October 30, 2006

Scots target Oasis link-up

SCOTS wild boys The View want to work with their heroes Oasis - and a chance meeting in London might have sealed the deal.

The Dundee band, fronted by mop-haired Kyle Falconer, were gobsmacked when they bumped into Noel Gallagher while recording their debut album, which is due out next year.

The Razz caught up with Kyle and guitarist Kieren Webster in their tour bus after their recent MTV2 Gonzo tour.

Kyle said: "We've worked with Babyshambles and Primal Scream but the other band we'd love to work with is Oasis.

"We met Noel when we were mastering our album at Metropolis studios in London.

"Our manager said 'I think that's Noel Gallagher over there' and we just went white. Noel came over and said 'alright' and I offered him a beer, but he said he doesn't drink early in the morning and he asked what we were up to.

"We told him we were mastering our album and he said he'd come up to the studio and check it out."

Much to the band's surprise Noel kept his word.

Kieren said: "He came up and had a listen to a few of our tracks and bounced along but he didn't say much. He's a man of very few words."

But both agreed Noel's little brother was far more chatty.

Kieren said: "We played at a few showcases at Sony BMG and Kasabian were there with Liam and we've said hello. He's a cool guy, really nice." Liam is also backing their new single, Superstar Tradesman, which entered the charts yesterday at No.15.

"We heard Liam bigged us up on the radio the other day to celebrate our single," they said.

The band are now set to go on tour with Scot's rockers Primal Scream after playing a few gigs with them in the summer.

And, when asked what advice Bobby Gillespie gave them to help handle their new pop career, they both blurted out: "He said don't take too many drugs."

Rock 'n' roll...

Liz & Beverley Lyons, Daily Record, 30.10.06


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