Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Too long on the piste, Kyle?

ALCOHOL and altitude can be a disastrous combination — ask anyone on a skiing holiday who has downed three pints.
Or you could ask THE VIEW’s hellraising, booze-loving frontman KYLE FALCONER.

The rock scamp had to be carted off stage at the Snowbombing festival in Austria after sinking a few too many before his band’s gig on Monday.

The indie lads only played three songs of their headline slot at the event in Mayrhofen before the curly-haired caner collapsed.

One fan told me: “Kyle looked disorientated and could hardly sing. He said he’d lost his voice then walked off stage.

“Everyone booed and shortly after he came back and tried to play the guitar. But he struggled to even hold it.

“Kyle then collapsed and the rest of the band went off. It was a shambolic gig.”

Luckily, HIGH CONTRAST and DUB PISTOL SOUND SYSTEM salvaged the night for partygoers with storming performances.

Earlier, Kyle and the rest of the lads attempted to snowboard. But they spent more time falling over than carving up the slopes.

A source at the event said: “It seems Snowbombing was too rock ’n’ roll for The View.”

I love these boys. What a band.

By Gordon Smart, The Sun, 1st April 2009


Anonymous Susi said...

hey! here´s a video of the view snowboarding.

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