Saturday, March 28, 2009

Tour Bus Antics

THE VIEW have given a unique insight into their drunken antics on the road - and they say going on tour is explosive.

Which Bitch? and Hats Off To the Buskers chart-toppers Kyle Falconer, Kieren Webster, Peter Reilly and Steven 'Mo' Morrison reckon the carnage they create during their 'vampire' like existence while gigging is second to none.

Guitarist Peter said: "Putting us on tour is like putting a match to petrol. There's booze in the dressing room, booze on the tour bus. We're going to f*** up at some point. We're like vampires. We sleep all day and we play gigs and creep about all night."

Singer Kyle added: "We've got loads of booze on the rider, but it's been drunk already. We love touring. It's a nerve-wracking experience because your sleeping pattern is messed up."
The Dundee wild boys are no strangers to controversy, having endured more run-ins with the police than most.

In 2007, guitarist Kyle was fined £1000 for cocaine possession and The View we re banned from America. Months later, the singer was hospitalised in Japan with a blood infection and the band vowed never to play Falkirk again when drunken fans began throwing bottles from the crowd.

The boys admit they were given a bit of hassle by the bus company before they were allowed on their tour bus for their recent UK gigs.

Peter confessed: "Even before we got on this one we were warned by the bloke who lent it to us not to mess it up."

Kyle added: "We've got the second best tour bus you can get.

The best ones go to bands like Kasabian. It's got bunks and three lounges, so it's pretty good."

The boys have even made up some of their own rude rules to keep a certain amount of order on the bus.

Bassist Kieren explained to this week's Loaded magazine: "The rules of the bus are that you can't s*** in the toilet and you can't touch anyone if they're in the bunk.
"If their hand is outside the bunk we can mess with them as much as we want."

According to Pete, the band can outdrink anyone.

He said: "Kyle was so bad on the last tour that the road crew started calling him Captain Mental.

"We love it. It's what we do this for. Nobody comes on our tour and drinks us under the table. We thought Primal Scream would, but they didn't."
Kyle added: "Mani was an animal - he can drink, but the rest of them were pretty quiet."

There is no doubt the boys live up to the rock 'n' roll reputation, but Kyle says reports of them being banned from the entire Travelodge chain for smashing up a hotel room were over the top.

He said: "That's be en exaggerated.

We didn't smash a room up, I just fell asleep in the bath and the next thing I knew there was water everywhere. It was definitely a mistake."

All in all though, they reckon the news of their antics is usually pretty spot on.

Peter added: "We like to get down and sometimes it goes over the top."

Read the full interview in this week's Loaded magazine.

By Beverley Lyons And Laura Sutherland, Daily Record 28th March 2009


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