Monday, March 30, 2009

European Tour Blog - Days 3,4,5 & 6


Well today we arrive into Muenster for our first headline show of our own. The German weather is surprising us as we’ve had slight snow and today were sitting outside the venue soaking up the Sun, well when you aint seen the sun for a while any excuse will do. We look inside the venue today to see what the venue is like, were quite impressed at how small the stage is but were not put off. If anything it will be a more interesting gig for the audience as you will be able to get quite close to the band even be able to smell them. You can make your own jokes on that one !!!.

When the show comes round the club is sold out and really buzzing as the last time we played our own show in Germany was nearly 2 years ago, so the band are happy to back playing to the German audience. They rip into the set starting with Glass Smash, then 5 Rebbeccas which send the front of the audience spilling onto the stage. This carries on at the start of Temptation Dice we have to pull a girl out of the audience as it getting a bit nuts. For the next few songs Kieren steps up too take over the vocal duties for a few numbers. The crowd go nuts for Gran’s For Tea even causing a few of the crowd to end up on stage again as there is no barrier to stop them being crushed. After some form of order is restored the crowd relaxes and sings along to Face for the radio giving it time to calm down a little, also the Kyle has a treat of sorts. Its another Oasis cover this time “Who feels love”, the whole band join in for this song then Kyle flys solo for his further Oasis fest with Don’t look Back in Anger. We head for the end of the show with the fantastic Shock Horror that sends the audience off on a High. Then its off to the Kebab pub across the road from the venue to kill two birds with the one stone. I think tonight was successful but definitely Left Kyle feeling a lot older than he actually is.


Today were back with Mando Diao for the first of 2 dates in The Freheit club in Hamburg. The boys are very excited about visiting Hamburg as it was the home to The Beatles for a while. So the head off to visit the Star Bar where the had a residency whilst I had a look at the venue. Instantly looking at the place it had the same look and feel of our very own Barrowlands ( by this I mean dirty & neglected so obviously the best place for a gig). After soundcheck a local tells us about the area the venue is in and were to avoid as were near the Reeperbahn, which is the red light area of Hamburg and especially this area as this is where the transvestites ply there trade. Many a smirk and soon full on fits of giggles, I don’t think any of them where wanting to venture out to the bus after dark. Its time for the gig, the boys pile onto stage in front of the packed crowd. The set starts with mixed reactions from the front row but there are quite a few groups of fans at either side of the stage and a few rows back that are dancing about like mad and soon The Freiheit is jumping to Same Jeans and Wasted Little Djs. Temptation Dice goes down really well even getting a couple of crowd surfers over the barrier. After the gig the boys are well lubricated and ready for their first night out in Hamburg. I head for the Hotel for some well needed sleep, I just wonder what trouble they can get into on the bars and clubs of the Reeperbahn?.

Hamburg (Second Night)

Well we all had a day off so it was a good chance for the late night partygoers to sleep off there first night in Hamburg and I think they needed it after getting from the pub at seven thirty in the morning. All a little hoarse after singing the night away in an Irish bar near the venue. On the day off me and Pete did go on a visit to Hamburg’s most famous football team St Pauli, just to visit the ground and the shop. Unfortunetly there was no game on but it didn’t stop us from coming out the shop with a St Pauli football top.

Today’s gig is nice and easy as we don’t have to load in or set up again as it was still in the venue from the previous show. Tonight’s second gig here seems to be more lively as before the band go on I hear the crowd singing “The View are on fire” which seems to set the pace as the band race through the set at blistering speed stopping briefly to tune up and take a short breather. My pick of the set would be Shock Horror and Typical Time 2, Shock Horror for the crowd reaction alone. Typical Time simply for the small sing along from the people in the front rows. Well another day off tomorrow and there is talk of going to Prague to spend it which would be a well spent day off, visiting all the historic buildings and such like, also heard the do some nice beer!!!.


Unfortunately we didn’t make it to Prague yesterday something to do with our bus drivers working hours, shame. We landed on our feet though with a lovely day spent in rainy Munich, or should I say a Brauhaus in the centre of Munich, it’s a good way to spend a day off.

Today everyone seems well rested and very chilled as we all meet up in the venue for soundcheck and some dinner thanks to the lovely caterers. Were on stage at eight tonight so its not to long before were on and it’s a big hall were playing in tonight so the band are quite up for it as this is there second ever Austrian show. It gets off to an absolutely amazing start as crowd are going mental with the whole place erupting as Wasted Little DJ’s, Temptation Dice, Superstar Tradesman and Shock Horror causing the fans to sing and dance along. I was really surprised that the Audience took so quickly and well to the songs but obviously I underestimated the fantastic Austrian crowd, we salute you.

Davey Dial Up


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who´s the one who plays the keybord?

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Blogger theviewareonfire said...

Reni is the keyboard player

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

okay thanks a lot. do you have pictures of the concert in munich last friday? I would need some because i shall write a review of the concert, but my pictures are very bad. would be cool if you have some

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