Monday, March 23, 2009

European Tour Blog - Day 1 & 2

Well that’s us started our new European tour our first day was in Offenbach.

We arrived a bit bleary eyed after a long journey from London the night before. Were supporting the Swedish band Mando Diao on there tour. The Boy’s are up and very chipper about the htought of playing to a German audience. I think Pete said “ Im not even sure if there gonna understand what were saying between songs, probably for the best”. When showtime roll around it’s a strong crowd of 5000 people and when the boys go on I can see the groups of View fans around the crowd going mad and soon after the rest of the audience start getting into Glass Smash, by the time 5Rebbeccas up I hear the View Chant. Its 30 minute set were doing tonight so its fast and furious all the way but we still manage to run 5 minutes over. So after the gig we had to the chance to watch the Mando Diao boys show. I think Kyle might have another new favourite band as I see him swinging about in time to the music. After there show both the bands meet up for some aftershow drinks, me and our sound engineer Andy wish we could watch the first interactions too see how many times the word ‘Pardon’ is used. Soon after both bands head off to a club for some more bonding time.

The next day we head to Dresden in the east of Germany for another Show with Mando Diao, this gig is a t mobile street gig in a restored ballroom for competiton winners. As we set up the lads come in with some of there new acquisitions from the nearby music shop which include a Mandolin for Pete and Kyle goes for the ear friendly Saxaphone (oh the joys). The band goes on to a crowd the are really up for it when the band launch into Temptation Dice the crowd are singing along then Wasteland causes the crowd to erupt with a couple of crowd surfers nearly making it over the barrier. The band finish and then we meet up later for some food in this great Irish bar for some Guinness. We also realised that it was Friday night to some shock and quickly make up for this in a short time, returning to the bus about 1 to head off to Munster where were doing our first headline show of our own. Should be a good one.

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