Monday, February 02, 2009

Which Bitch? review

Following the huge success of their Mercury Prize-nominated debut album, Hats Off to the Buskers, the band toured extensively before getting back in the studio to record album number two.

This latest offering from the young Dundee band reveals some adventurous and ambitious intent to move forward as they experiment, taking strides in different musical directions with second album, Which Bitch?

Which Bitch? the album’s title has been explained tactfully by frontman Kyle Falconer as to be taken in the sense of "which bitch am I singing about in which song?"

The album is a bit chaotic with a real mixed bag of styles which sees the lads revisit the frantic, indie-rock that defined their debut in tracks such as 5Rebeccas, Jimmy's Crazy Conspiracy and Double Yellow Lines.

Most bizarre but fun is One Off Pretender, which contains a most embarrassing and ill-advised white-boy rap. Covers is a foot tapper with jazzy sax featuring vocals from fellow Scot Paulo Nutini.

The accompaniment of violins bring melancholy to the beauty of Unexpected a string-led melodrama that captures Falconer in rare contemplative mood, singing about the death of his father.

For those expecting to see the View back with more of the same you will be surprised by this album and some may even be shocked by this brave attempt at pushing boundaries. Which Bitch? confirms the View are a band with a vibrant imagination and an abundance of ideas and for that they must be commended.

By, 2nd February 2009


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