Sunday, February 01, 2009

Which Bitch? review

Record of the Week

The second album from the Dundee scamps is every bit as snotty as their debut, but this time there's a hint of sophistication to transport the quartet to the Threepenny Opera as effortlessly as a three-chord thrash. 'Distant Doubloon' is beyond expectation, a descent into a string-sodden musical cavern, with Kyle Falconer coming on like a conspiratorial cabin boy whispering over some stirring brass arrangements.

Those violins also bring melancholy to the beauty of 'Unexpected', possibly their finest moment to date. A great deal of the band's charm is the knack for the terracing chant hook and 'Temptation Dice' is as good an example as any, throwing in plenty of that striking guitar phrasing. Falconer has the mischief and cocky authority of a teenage Alex Harvey, telling tales with charisma and conviction in 'Glass Smash'.

Download this: Glass Smash, Distant Doubloon

By Chris Somerville, 1st February 2009


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