Monday, February 09, 2009

We'll take drugs test

DUNDEE rockers The View are to make a fresh bid to enter the US by passing a drugs test at the American Embassy in London.

The four-piece have been snapped up in the US by Downtown Music, the label behind Gnarls Barkley.

Now the band are hoping to promote their new album Which Bitch? with US tour dates.

A previous bid by the band to enter the US was thwarted, when frontman Kyle Falconer was found guilty of cocaine possession.

Bassist Kieren Webster revealed: "The last time we went to the US Embassy in London, it was bad timing because we were booked to be there early in the morning. But we had supported Noel Gallagher at the Albert Hall the night before.

"So we were all partying at the hotel with Noel afterwards.

"We were told we weren't getting in. Since then, we have spoken to a few lawyers so we are hopeful of getting in.

"If we pass the interview, the next step is a drug test.

"Things seem to be a bit more positive.

We have changed record labels over there. The old record label got p****d off because we were not getting in. From what I can gather, it's a lot more promising. Hopefully, we'll get back into America. We are on the coolest label in America so we will probably get in.

"Kyle has been well behaved and hasn't been in trouble since then. As long as he passes a drugs test we should be fine."

The band failed in their bid to get to No.1 in the UK with the new album, but the band's producer Owen Morris has hailed Which Bitch? as one of the best albums of the decade, and insists it is only a matter of time before it is hailed a classic.

Owen, who produced the band's debut as well as (What's The Story) Morning Glory? by Oasis and The Verve's A Northern Soul, said: "It is one of the best albums I've ever made.

"It'll be one of the best albums of the last 10 years once people get it. It's amazing."

Kieren added: "This album is better than Hats Off To The Buskers... more thought went into it."

By John Dingwall, Daily Record, 9th February 2009


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