Saturday, February 14, 2009

The View’s homecoming

IT WAS a classic moment. As The View blasted into Same Jeans, frontman Kyle Falconer turned his microphone to the fans, who grabbed it and were pounced on by the security men.

The song died out, Kyle took a strop and told everyone he wasn’t playing unless the crowd were allowed to sing it.

After some negotiation, new mics and a Pete Reilly-led chorus of The View Are On Fire, Kyle relented and the Caird Hall audience sung the top-three as one.

The View, back and in raucous form, blasted their way through a set of old and new tunes, celebrating their renewed status in the higher reaches of the album charts.

More than 2000 fans assembled at the Caird Hall, greeting them with a huge cheer as they strode on stage, Kieren shouting “Dundee.”

The band, which is sitting at number four in the album charts with new record Which Bitch?, are never ones to forget their roots.

The “D” word was used almost at every turn for the first half dozen numbers, but there was no need—they had the crowd from the first notes of Glass Smash, which was followed by the first single off the new album, 5 Rebeccas.

Wasted Little DJs prompted frenzied dancing, with everybody bouncing as one, before they introduced another new song, Temptation Dice.

Fans favourite Skag Trendy, from debut album Hats Off To The Buskers, followed before Pete introduced Wasteland, dedicating it to the “Dryburgh boys.”

Dropping down the sound levels, it was time for the acoustic classic, Face For The Radio, which always provides the spine-chilling, band and audience as one voice sing-along.

Kyle then asked the crowd if they were up for yet another new song, that one on the album with Paolo Nutini.

Without waiting for the reaction, Kyle and their keyboard-playing “fifth member,” Reni, doing the Paolo role, rode their way through Covers.

The View have gone on a long journey since their first pub gigs in 2005. Now seasoned performers, they indulge in relaxed banter with the crowd, which is hardly surprising given the number of friendly faces on their sizeable guest list.

Superstar Tradesman has the crowd in raptures before new single, Shock Horror, ended the set in style.

Fantastic stuff that proves The View are back and will be with us for a long time.

Kicking off proceedings earlier in the evening were promising young Dundee band, The Brogues, before The Law showed why they are tipped for bigger things, playing songs from their unreleased debut album.

By Alan Wilson, The Courier, 14th February 2009


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