Friday, February 13, 2009

Keeping their feet on the ground

FROM The Raigmore Motel to Rock Ness, Dundonians The View are well used to entertaining Highland rock fans.

"If you go a bit too far north they can get a bit quiet, but it's good up there, I like it," frontman Kyle Falconer said. "Anywhere in Scotland is good to play."

With Sunday's Ironworks show already a sell out and second album "Which Bitch?" going straight into the album charts at number four last week, the four-piece arrives in Inverness with an ever growing profile and, it seems, with celeb fan endorsements — Lily Allen has posted an internet picture of herself after buying three copies of the album.

However, Falconer and the rest of the band are not letting their success go to their heads and are still the familiar View of old, "still a-rockin' and a-rollin'."

And following the success of number one debut "Hats Off To The Buskers", Falconer is pretty pleased with the new product. "We've had a few reviews in and they've been all good up to now," he said.

"I've been getting more into the production side, so I've listened to it a lot and really like what we've done. We're more into the music, but we're still doing what we're doing and getting into trouble. Nothing's changed.

"It just seems like it's change, except we can afford to buy stuff now when we used to be skint."

Not that getting a steady wage means The View regard what they do as just a job. "It's just the opposite. We're having fun and doing the best we can do," Falconer added.

The band has even learned to live with the demands of their busy promotion schedule with its interviews and sessions.

"We used to moan about it, especially in Japan and that where it was right round the clock," Falconer said. "But as you get older and mature, you realise that you've got to do these things, so that's what we've been doing.

Inverness Courier, 13th February, 2009


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