Friday, February 13, 2009

Koko review

Gig Rated 5/5

The crowd starts to thicken for headline act, post punk indie rockers from Dundee, The View, up next. With half an hour to go the moshers are jostling for positions. Suddenly a boy in the crowd starts their signature chant: The View, The View, The View Are On Fire!, and it spreads like wildfire.

The band stroll on and launch into 'Glass Shatter' provoking an all out sing-a-long. All hell breaks loose around me. The crowd goes mental and I'm swept forward in the surge. Seconds later I find myself in the thick of it: the mosh pit. My partner in crime, Alex, is swept away in the human sea of singing, sweaty, teenage kicks. All good...

The tunes keep coming and the energy with which they are delivered never diminishes. A fresh and eclectic set with thumping drums from sexy, shirtless drummer Steve Morrison. There are some lovely touches, strings courtesy of a trio of ladies with violins introduces as "Dirty Pretty Strings". The band are obviously enjoying it as much as we are and nearly every song from the new album "Which B*tch?" seems a possible single. These boys know how to rock out.

It's difficult to single tracks out from the largely high-speed set occasionally punctuated by ditties like "Typical Time 2", which give us brief respite in the pit. Inevitably their biggest hit to date "Same Jeans" made the already frenzied crowd go insane. I managed to loose my favourite cardigan and my Oyster cards in the mayhem. Worth it though!

The View's 20 song set:
Glass Smash / 5Rebbeccas / Wasted Little DJs / The Don / Temptation Dice / One Off Pretender / Skag Trendy / Wasteland / Typical Time 2 / Unexpected / Distant Doubloon / Face For The Radio / Realisation / Jimmy's Crazy Conspiracy / Comin' Down / Same Jeans / Give Back The Sun / Superstar Tradesman / Shock Horror / Don't Look Back In Anger

Support Acts
Kicking off the night's high octane proceedings was Swedish metal-popster Tommy Sparks. His catchy tunes stuffed with hooks and rifts... pure Scandinavian cool.

Next up Oldham trio Twisted Wheel. Northern guitar-rock, furiously fast, raw and angry. Reminiscent of The Clash or The Jam (apparently The View are fans and watched their set from the side of the stage).

The Independent, 13th February 2009


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