Friday, February 06, 2009

Hard Rock Cafe review

So almost two years to the day since The View released one of the fastest selling debut albums of 2007 they are back celebrating the release of a new record "Which Bitch" which has midweeked at #2 in the album charts. To celebrate being back in the charts they are playing this intimate space in Mayfair in front of an ecstatic crowd of supporters. It is remarkable how much they have grown as a band in the past two years, as individuals they look confident and assured, as songwriters and performers they have leaprogged the limited aspirations of their peers. "Which Bitch" has rightfully garnered universal praise and showcasing the new material tonight the ambition of these songs is writ large. They move effortlessly from the primal rock and roll of "5 Rebeccas" and "Shock Horror" to the glorious sea shanty of "Distant Dibloom" accompanied by violins and horns. Production genius Owen Morris crops up naked playing a recorder through his nose to suitably surreal effect. It is breathtaking to hear those old songs again, Christ they were young when they wrote them and how timeless, how classic they sound. The View are on fire and this promises to turn into an inferno.

By Mike-Columbia’s blog, 5th February 2009.


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