Friday, February 06, 2009

Biz live sessions

THE VIEW’s brilliant new record Which Bitch? is shaping up to knock BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN from the top of the charts on Sunday.

Scots singer KYLE FALCONER and guitarist PETE REILLY came into Bizarre HQ to perform an acoustic version of new single Shock Horror and classic Superstar Tradesman.

The Dundee boys are the first to perform in The Sun’s new studios – and many more top bands will follow.

Kyle told me: “I’m making a plea to all Sun readers to help us beat The Boss! I enjoy the intimacy of smaller gigs, playing acoustic and raw. We’ve done some huge shows and festivals – but I’ve got to admit it’s more nerve-racking playing in front of a room of Sun journalists.”

The boys are famous for their raucous live shows but seeing the pair perform an acoustic gig was a treat.

Sipping a lager, Kyle added: “People think we cane it before gigs and we do. It makes things run more smoothly.

“I reckon we have calmed down a bit since the first album, though. We’re older and a bit more mature. I think it shows on the new album. I’d like to think we’re better musicians.”

Watch Shock Horror and Superstar Tradesman here

By Gordon Smart, The Sun, 6th February 2009


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