Friday, February 06, 2009

Album of The Week

Rated 4/5

Album of the Week - Rowdy indie rascals mature into disinguished songsmiths. Exclusive documentary footage below!

No longer to be regarded as just another dog-eared Libertines-lite outfit, The View's second album is a more grown-up affair. Not content to rest on their indie-pop laurels, the Dundee four-piece have returned with a record of genuine ambition, summed up by their decision to rope in a full orchestra for 'Distant Doubloon'. Elsewhere, 'Covers' is a low-key treat while 'One Off Pretender' sounds like Oasis before they were sh*t. Hats off indeed.

Maxim Exclusive: The clip here is from the DVD documentary that comes with the Special Editon release of the album. Click here for an exclusive live performance of 'Shock Horror'

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