Tuesday, December 02, 2008

On Tour - Cardiff


We awake in Cardiff, all suffering from sore heads for some strange reason.

It's a cracking day so we don't want to waste it by lying about so we take a wander round the streets and down to the bay.

I head back to the bus about 3 when its time to load in and the boys follow on.

They are still all suffering from sore heads so they take it out on me grumping, moaning and generally annoying me as I'm trying to get everything set up.

After soundcheck all the band and crew are treated to a great Italian meal down at Cardiff Bay.

The boys are starting to brighten up a little and are looking now all forward to tonights show.

Again tonights venue is sold out and fills up early for the support act who really dig Holy Ghost Revival.

The Point is well known for it's good sound and it doesn't fail us tonight. The View really tear up the stage with again loads of crowd surfers and even a couple of folk trying to make their way onto the stage. Kierens hand was hurting quite badly tonight as he had to take the bandage off as it was getting in the way of his playing. He's a brave laddie.

Wasted Little DJ's and Superstar Tradesman got best receptions of the night for the old songs and Temptation Dice and Shock Horror of the new ones.

Afterwards all except Kieren went to Madness for the aftershow till closing time.

Davey Dial Up x


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